My journey as a healer began when I learned that I was highly sensitive and an empath. As a child I could feel energies around me and had no idea what I was feeling or experiencing.

On my 30th birthday I had an Awakening, a veil had been lifted. I wasn’t living in a bubble of illusion anymore. I was wide awake and wanted to scream from the rooftops, WAKE UP! 

The next few years I went on a journey of self discovery and meditation. After months of dedicated meditation practice I had a Kundalini Awakening. I began to see energy and feel it coming out of my hands. This experience was profound and out of this world.

I completed my Reiki and Yoga Teacher Certifications over the next few years and became a Reiki volunteer through Hospice and the Nanaimo Hospital Cancer Clinic.

Through all of these experiences I was working in the financial industry and after 20 years, I was guided to take the leap to pursue Energy Healing and teaching yoga full time.

After several years of treating clients with Reiki, it has evolved into Energy Healing. Energy Healing for me, takes on more of a Shaman role. With my team of angels and guides, they guide me to be an open channel to clear blockages through sound, renew energy in the body and to receive deep, soul wisdom and knowledge to help others.

It is an honour to do this type of work with my team as my partner and I am forever grateful to be of service.

Namate, Sarah