Meet Sarah A’ryana  
Multidimensional Healer and Universal Channeler

My hope is that through sharing each others stories and learning about one another, more compassion and kindness comes forward. Knowing that you’re not alone on your journey.

Here is a piece of my story and how I became a Healer and Universal Channeler…

Ever since I was little, I could feel energies all around me. I was very shy and fearful, not knowing what to do with what I was feeling and seeing.

Through my school years and into my 20’s I was highly sensitive, empathic and drawn to the spiritual and mystical parts of the universe.

On my 30th birthday, in 2007, I had a Spiritual Awakening. I woke up and felt like a new born baby. A veil had been lifted, I didn’t know who I was, what I liked and didn’t like. I spent the next few years on a journey of self discovery, remembering who I am through reading, travelling and taking courses. I was a sponge for information.

In 2011, I was still searching for something. I knew I wanted more than the routine of waking up in the morning, going to work and looking after my lovely family. I knew there was more to my purpose in life. I decided right then and there, to sit down and meditate for 20 minutes every morning and night.

The first time sitting down in meditation, I felt like I was home. Pure love was felt in the core of my Being and deep emotion was released with many tears. Meditation was part of the missing piece I was looking for.

After a few months of dedicated practice, my mind became silent.

Stillness within my mind, led me into seeing the brightest white light coming out of my hands, in a dark room, with my eyes closed! This was a profound moment for me. This is exactly when I knew that part of my journey, is as a healer.

Shortly after that experience I had an intense Kundalini Awakening that lasted for months. I began to see energy and feel energy coming out of my hands. I knew information and could hear from beyond this world. My intuitive gifts started to expand. Years of fear were acknowledged and released. This experience was terrifying at times, with Dark nights of the Soul and moments of “Am I going crazy?!?”

I got through this Awakening a changed person and began to look at life in a completely different way. I felt hope and deep compassion for everyone and our planet. I started to shine Light on animals, nature, first responders and to everyone that I was guided to.

My diet started to change. I eliminated meat, alcohol, coffee, sugar and certain types of flour, my body no longer allowing these items to enter my system. 

With all of these transformational changes, I knew I was here to help and teach others on their journeys.

I completed my Reiki and Yoga Teacher Certifications and became a Reiki volunteer through Hospice and the Nanaimo Hospital Cancer Clinic. I treated clients with Reiki for 7 years, taught meditation classes and yoga to adults and children.

Eight years after seeing the Light coming out of my hands, it happened again during meditation in a dark room. My guidance communicated with me that it was time to treat clients remotely around the globe through Multidimensional Healing. 

I was guided to use Light Language, Healing Instruments and Breath in a client session. Beings of Light & The Divine started to enter the room with the client and I. These Beings of Light and I help the client release energetic blockages from past & current lives, heal energetically and channel Light information. We are transported to other dimensions and realms for healing and transforming experiences to help the Soul.

In the beginning of 2021 I had several energetic upgrades. I was guided to eliminate the hour client sessions and offer shorter ones. The energy and level of potency in the sessions had increased and the shorter sessions would be the most beneficial for clients. I was also guided to ask for minimal information from the client, asking only for their name and picture. With knowing nothing about the Soul, the healing & insight, flow through with profound clarity and ease.

I now treat clients around the World, with the Light Beings as my partner. They guide me to be a clear, Light channel for others.

It is an honour to do this Soul work for others and I am grateful to be of service.