Divine Light Collective

Who is the Divine Light Collective?

We are a Collective Group of Light Beings:

The Galactic Order, Members of the Light Councils and Angelic Teams. 

We offer guidance and assistance to humanity as you move through your ascension. 

Monthly Messages from the Divine Light Collective

October 1 2021


We are the Divine Light Collective. We are Councils of Light that have joined forces to help those awaken on Earth.

Within our messages, now and moving forward are activations to Light your path as each one of you forges ahead. After listening or reading our monthly messages, know there is a period of integration after absorbing our frequencies than have come through. 

Each message will effect each one of you differently, this will all depend on where you are on your journey.

Let us begin our October message by taking a few deep breaths.

Inhaling and letting go.

Inhaling and relaxing.

Inhaling and being here in the present moment. 

October brings in continual transformation. For the Lightworkers, October is about expansion, spreading your wings.

You’ve worked hard and have released the shackles of the 3D and now many will begin to feel the freedom in their Soul.

This is liberating, expansive and exhilarating.

No longer will your Soul follow the confines of the old world. You are here to help others heal, you are here to teach and you are here to help others awaken.

Know this does not have to be on a grand scale, in the spotlight. 

Every interaction you have with a human matters.

Every word spoken, the energy you radiate towards others, makes a difference.

You are needed and that is why you are here.

Your energy, your Light, shifts the old until it crumbles. 

Every Lightworker is needed.


October continues to see the separation between the 3D and 5D.

Yes, in the 3D world more conditions will be placed on society and more people awaken. 

Every. Single. Day.


Tools that will help those that are struggling with the detachment are:

• Not watching the media or news. This lowers your vibration.

• Do what bring you joy. Dancing, singing, creating art, playing music, playing sports, visiting with friends who lift you up.


Do activities that help ground the Soul:

• walking in nature

• being in nature

• baking, cooking 

• visiting animals in shelters 

• caring for animals

• swimming in the ocean, sea, other bodies of water

• walking barefoot on the Earth or grass where you can in the world.


When each Soul continues to unplug from the 3D and ground the Soul into your planet, this is where expansion occurs.

This is continual work on your end.

This is not any other energy saving you to do your work.

The only way through to 5D is digging down deep, releasing the layers, integrating, resting, listening to your body and repeating this cycle over and over again until the Soul reaches clarity, ease, peace and release from the old.


May October bring to each one of you deeper wisdom, connection with each other and the awareness that, yes, you can do this and are doing this. Well done!

We are the Divine Light Collective and it is our honour to connect with each of you this day.


September 2021

Dearest Ones, greetings.


Humanity is now in the beginning of change that one will see before their eyes.

The summer for many was one of exponential growth. 

In the months until the end of the year is, integration, recovery and rest.

2022 will be the start of the dismantlement.

Know as each layer comes forward of what is no longer working, there will be solutions and new ways that will come forward.

Each Soul that is awakened has the opportunity to look at each change with gratitude, Light and hope.

This will help the momentum of the New, be an easier transition.


From September to the end of December, find ways that will help soothe your Soul and bring joy to your Being.

Creating art, music, singing and movement are the many ways one can do this.

Recognition also needs to be applied with how far you’ve come and the growth each one of you has undergone these past few months.


September to December is the time to strengthen your energy and to recharge.


The great unraveling will begin and there are many that will need each one of you as many will not know where to turn to.

The ones that are listening and reading this now are the Lightworkers that signed up for this mission.

For many of you, the awakenings that you have, will not be as long as the ones that you’ve had in the past. There will be a quicker turnaround time of resolve and peace in one’s own Soul.

Now is the time for each Lightworker to find the joy that will sing to one’s own heart.


When anxiety, fear or depression rises, take the time to slow down and breathe. Be in nature and raise your vibration with laughter and high frequency music and sound.

The more that each one of you attunes to keeping your vibration high, the more consistent each of you will be able to maintain your frequency.


This September from the 3D perspective will bring in rising cases with the virus and flare ups of violence around the globe.


From the 5D perspective, the Light continues to grow. Each Soul that awakens, makes changes in their lives that resonate with their awakened energies.

This brings in positive change with awareness, compassion and Love.


Know that with what you see and hear on the media is the 3D perspective.


There is much Love and Light that happens daily within humanity. Humans are unique as a species for they have a wide range of emotions that they feel and they can manifest easily once aware.


As your seasons change into Fall or Spring, take the time to up, your rest and protection so this can be easily incorporated for the year ahead.


There is much to look forward to and know, right here, right now, you are supported and we of the Divine are here by your side.


It is an honour to connect with you all.


We are the Divine Light Collective.

August 1 2021

Dearest ones, Greetings!

You are now at the point of no return.

Each Soul had made the decision whether they want to move ahead into the 5th dimension or remain in the third.

Now that the line has been drawn, the lightwork will accelerate at lightening speed.

Time for each human will quicken to the point where you will no longer need time, each Soul will move with the energy at hand.

At this monumental moment, each Soul will now be moving into their Light bodies to some degree.

With this, can come adjustments that need to be made to the way you live your life. 

For there are levels to your Light body as each one of you integrates this Light.


Emotionally, there can be upheaval right now, with your partner, family and friends. There can be separation that occurs for many of you. Fear not as we have mentioned before this is temporary. 

The piece of wisdom we want to share is to keep checking in with your heart, breathe into your heart and ask for help if the emotions are too much to handle.


Mentally, take the extra time that is needed to pause before you speak. EVERYTHING is elevated right now on both sides of the coin. Keep checking in on your thoughts, do the work.

You are integrating and becoming aware of self talk and how you speak to others. This makes a huge difference in one’s life, how you treat others and more importantly how you treat yourself.


Physically, this is an intense period. For some, you will actually feel the energy move through your body, hear tones, frequencies and high pitched sounds. Your senses will be at an all time high.

We recommend being in nature, being with the trees and being on your own without distraction to help you during this transition.


August will one of the most intense months energetically for all humans.


We the Galactic Order, the Light Councils and the Angelic Teams are here to support and aid you.

We will show you signs that you’re on the right path and send synchronicities your way.


Hold on dear ones, you are not alone.

There are so many awakening now, it is only a matter of time before the majority will be talking about their own awakening. 


We support you with our Love.


We are the Divine Light Collective

July 1 2021

Greetings Dearest Ones,


Buckle up, July will be a bit bumpy.

There is an increased amount of Light coming in and with this is change for each one of you.

There will be change for many of you with where you live, your friends and who you interact with.

There will be continued waves of Light to awaken the sleeping ones and deeper change for those moving into their roles of Light.


We have said this many times before, breathe into your heart centre, feel and place golden Light all around you and walk daily barefoot on the Earth.

These simple but powerful tools will guide you through this month.


Each one of you is special and unique and has something to offer to this world.


Find out what interests you if you have just awoken, explore and be curious.


For those that know their roles, keep bringing joy and laughter in your life daily.

Your life will flow with ease when you bring child like wonder into your day and energy.


As many more Souls awaken on Earth, there will now be veils that lift to show you the magic that has been here all along.


Many of you that have done the work and are in a continual state of joy, happiness & wonder, you will see the elementals.

Many will have prophetic dreams now, pay attention to this and write them down.

Many will see the matrix with your own physical eyes.


Yes, the vibration is getting higher on your planet and to this we say, Well Done!


Truths will continue to be released and as they do many Souls will gather around those that have been wronged. People will begin to see & lift their heads from the sand and really see what has been going on for a millennium.

Take the time to honour where you’re at, enjoy the season you are in and be proud of how far you’ve come.


It has been a great hour for us to connect with you all today.

We are The Divine Light Collective.


June 1 2021

Dearest Ones,

The time has come to take all that you have learned through your experiences and memories to now move forward to help others.

Those that hear or read these words are here for a mission to help the unawakened ones.

You are Light Warriors that have had training to break through the illusions and are now ready to walk the path of your Soul Mission.

For some of you this will happen in June and for others this will unfold in the months ahead.

For it is each and every one of you that is needed and will make a difference to where all of humanity is going.


Where is humanity going you might ask?


To a time of Balance, Love, Equality and Truth.

A time where all interactions are heart centred and honouring where each Soul is at energetically.


June will continue to be a powerful month with another Eclipse and the Solstice. These 2 specific moments will be the catapult for many of you to break free of the last threads of doubt and self lack or confidence.

Once the breaking free occurs, your Light will not be dimmed or affected to the depths that it once was in 3D.

Patience, trust and Self Care is needed for June.

Your body will communicate with you with what it needs, ask your Earthly vessel each morning, noon and night. By getting in this daily habit, your communication will get stronger and stronger.


There is also much support around you at this time. When asking for support, be open to the signs that will come through. A repeat of asking is not needed, for only one heart centred message that you send out, is all that is needed to be heard.


Take care in June, there will be many more epiphanies that occur and great moments of Lightness in your Being.


It is an honour to speak with you all today.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

May 1 2021

Dearest Ones,



Transformation is in the month of May, for all.


For some this will be letting go of the old, the fears and what no longer serves you and for others, you will move quickly into your mission.


All souls will be going through some form of transformation in May.


The energy at hand is also potent with back to back super moons and a lunar eclipse in May.


The new human is rising in each one of you. This human is of the 5D understanding and beyond and will not match the frequency of the past.


Physically your body will continue to adjust to the Light and mentally, integration will continue with your past lives.

Emotionally many Souls will move into their Light Warriors and establish boundaries and resilience of your power.


There will be moments throughout this month that you will need to rest to recalibrate and other moments where you will have an abundant amount of energy.

This is the continual momentum of the Light and the adjustment your new body is making.


All is well.


When you listen to your body’s communication, this will be easier physically on each one of you.


The Light energy continues to quicken and transform the density of your planet, this awakening many Souls at a continual pace.


Trust your energy, your heart and the Light within you.


The month of May is here for expansion and moving into your own strength and power as a Soul of Light and Love.


Blessings of Love to all.


We are the Divine Light Collective.

April 1 2021

Dearest Ones,

Slow and steady wins the race.

We talk about opening all aspects of yourself.

It is the slow, steadiness of integration now that will get you to your final destination.

Your final destination is awareness of all aspects of yourselves and your realities.

Time is merging into a unity space where eventually time as you now know it on Earth will not exist.

For many, days will merge into a fraction of space and time.

“Time” is quickening at the fastest pace it has ever been on Earth in this dimension.

As the quickening continues it is your stepping stones that accelerate as well.


April is the continuation of integration of your stepping stones as you forge ahead.


The teacher in many of you is rising and there will be many teachers needed in the coming years as your world takes on a global transformation.

For now, focusing on your integration and staying on your path of awareness will help you on your “now” journey.


Continue to fuel the body with high vibrational foods and clear water.

Surround yourself with others that are at your vibration and frequency and most importantly we recommend bringing in your creative side and let the energies flow through you. By doing this there is greater expansion of your energy fields.


Thank you for this connection.


We send our Love to all. 


We are the Divine Light Collective 

March 1 2021

Dearest Ones,

Happy Spring, Happy Fall.


As the seasons begin to change, each Soul will feel this shift in their bodies and energy fields.

In the Northern hemisphere the need for more Light emerges. 

In the Southern hemisphere the preparation for fall begins.


March brings in change and the layers continue to release as each one of you steps into your roles, your missions.

Bring focus each and every day to your thoughts and what you want in your world.


Do you not like what your government is deciding? Think of what you would like.

Do you not like what your children are learning or the way it is being taught? Think of other options for them.

Do you not like the controls within your world? Think of what your ultimate world would be with freedom for all.


Each of you plays a significant part in your energy and thoughts.

March is the time to bring what you want in your world forward.

When each Soul does this in the energy that your planet is in, manifestation occurs.

It does not matter how it will happen, know it WILL happen.

Keep focusing every day on what you want and all of your incredible ideas, wants and needs will come to fruition.


You are powerful in your energy, your heart and your intentions.


Humanity is in the shift, it is up to each and every one of you now to create the change that is going to happen.

It is an exciting time to be here even with the layers of continual release.


We surround you with our love.

May March bring in bird song in the North and the changing of leaves in the South.


We are the Divine Light Collective.


February 1 2021

Dearest Ones,

Happy February!

February continues with transition, with releasing the layers and powerful insight into each and every one of you.

You will notice the shift in February, as more dreams come forward, more past lives come forward and your energy begins to expand.

 There will be an opening in the mind to allow situations and irritations to be released. No longer “bugging” your energy.

There will be an expansion in your energy field with these continued Light downloads and a beginning of a Lightness in your Being.

For many February brings in hope, for Spring to arrive and for others the movement, the beginning of Fall.

Each transition is a positive one. Each Soul will continue to receive these downloads with open arms and a resiliency in your physical bodies.

Yes, February will continue with challenges and it is the challenges that will bring you forward.

It is these challenges that will bring in openings in one person’s Being.

It will open up beliefs, it will open up your energy, it will open up a way of Being with not being so restricted.


We surround you at this time with our Love.


We are the Divine Light Collective

January 1 2020


Dear Ones,

A New Year, a New Dawn.

You are now in the Era of Light.

In the beginning stages there is much to change. The world that you now live in will not be the same in a meer 10 years from now.

Truths will continue to be revealed.

Dismantling of structures will begin and peaceful rising will occur from those that are now awakening.


Continue to work on oneself through releasing your fears, forgiving yourself and others and allowing the Love and Light to shine in.

There will be pockets of the 5th dimension that will show itself to you as you continue to rise in vibration.

2021 will be a year of upheaval in a positive way.

For change to be made, people, humans will raise their voices for the ones at power to concede.

For many reading this you will feel this shift of speaking and wanting change in the months ahead. 

You will feel of Light with your contributions with others as you March, Shout and are Heard.


There will be waves of change this year and the years to come.


Keeping a practice of grounding and stillness will help you through this year.

There will be continued Light downloads into your physical bodies, igniting your gifts and memories.

2021 will be the year, the beginning, humans rise.


For the month of January, continue to take the time to rest your body, your energies.

Connect with your breath, your beating heart and your magnificent Light that shines within.


Change is upon you all and to this we say, Well Done!


We surround you with our Love.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

December 1 2020

Dearest Ones,


Upon you is a great time of change.

Cherish December with its sights and sounds and cherish each other.


December is a month of giving back to those that are in need, opening your hearts and connecting with those near and far.

Take time each day to give back to oneself, cherishing your Soul, your heart, your essence.


December 21st is almost upon you and we advise to take a moment and think of how you want your world to look like and feel like.

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?


On December 21st we pass on to each one of you, the Light, the remembrance of who you are. 

For some of you, you will remember and expand quickly over the next few years and for others your expansion may take longer with all of the experiences and learning you wanted on a Soul level to achieve.

You will look back on this momentous day as the Light of Lifting the Veil.


Enjoy December, your family, your friends and most importantly look how far you have come this year.


On December 21st take but 5 minutes to sit in stillness as you receive your Light.

We Starseeds, Angels and Light Beings are ever so proud, overjoyed & hearts filled for you all.


We surround you with our love.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

November 1 2020

Dearest ones, Greetings!

We salute you at this time as you continue to shed the layers that no longer serve you.

Some of the hardest moments that occur in your life will bring in the much needed change and awareness that is needed to propel you forward into your Soul mission and the incredible Soul that you are.

As the great humanity shift into ascension moves forward, each Soul that is awakened is becoming aware of their energy fields.

Taking responsibility for your energy daily, setting your frequency and cleansing your energy will help you maintain a higher vibration.

This allows a steadier, more level wave in, compared to the roller coaster of energies that many of you have been riding.


Upon awakening each morning, set an intention to set your frequency at the highest vibration for the highest good of all.


There are many ways to cleanse your energy field. The simplest is to smudge your physical vessel with sage, cedar or juniper and state several times:

“I cleanse my energy bodies now and only Love and Light remain.”

An epsom salt bath also helps cleanse your energy fields.


Taking responsibility for your energy is bringing in awareness to who you give your energy to and asking the question, does this deplete me or lift me up?

There is an observation that is required to see how you feel around others, places and things. It is following through with letting go of the person, place or thing when it does not feel right. This allows Light to flow into your energy, bringing in opportunities, abundance and Love on your journey.

It is an honour to speak with you all today.

We surround you with our Love.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

October 1 2020

Dearest Ones, Greetings!

October will continue in intensity for many. This month in particular will go by very fast as the energies on the planet continue to increase.

Each human is either integrating the energies into their Being, beginning to awaken or are still in the depths of 3D.

No matter where you are, it is through compassion and love for oneself and others that will help humanity as a whole.

Each time that you turn inward, focusing in on your heart centre and breathing in deep, calming breaths, this is when insight and clarity will begin to thread into the subconscious mind. Allowing for your path to flow with ease.

Letting go of certain attachments, for your Team of Light will help guide you to the best possible outcome.

This lifetime that is currently playing out is not for the faint of heart. It is through endurance, love, patience and commitment that you will all join your Lights, your radiance, together as one and shift into the new way of the Earth.

The new way of the Earth is a heart centred way of life.

 Where you are fully accepted and loved for you being you.

There will be no more hiding any aspect of yourself for fear of shame or ridicule.

It is currently shifting as we speak with more awareness coming forward and expansion of one’s Soul.

Our final message for this month is one of self love.

You as a Soul, are a special Being of Light that came into Earth on your own. You will also leave the planet on you own.

Yes, there is assistance on the other side but it is your drive, perseverance and love for you that will carry you forward.

With loving yourself completely, honouring yourself and trusting yourself, this opens the door, lifts the veil that we are all connected, you are never alone or abandoned.

Love yourself, find ways to take care of you, do things that make you happy.

Take the time this month to explore what brings you joy and continue this in your day to day life and watch the clarity and ease begin on your path.

We surround you all with your love.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

September 1 2020

Greetings Beloveds,

We are happy to be here communicating with you at this time.

Each one of you has come a long way in a short amount of time this year.

There is more to come from September to December and this is not a negative.

Quite the contrary, this is where your gifts will expand.

Each one of you is releasing and clearing what no longer serves you, allowing more Light and your Divine Essence to shine.

With anchoring more Light in, a confidence grows of where you want to be, what your boundaries are and there is definition in the Soul which leads to expansion.

Continue to explore your intuition and feel what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

Your inner radar will never steer you wrong.

You are all moving into a time now where your confidence will grow, your mind will strengthen and play time is near to manifest more quickly.

Each Soul reading this knows you are here for a reason.

You have special qualities that help others.

Enjoy the strength that September will bring into your Being.

Enjoy the season you are in.

Until next month, we surround you with our Love and thank you for this time.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

August 1 2020


Greetings to all,


The month of August will include downloads of Light, releasing layers that no longer serve you and physical symptoms will arise in the body.


On August the 8th the full power of the Lions Gate will move through all, moving an intense amount of energy into your Being.

This is an exciting moment as it will accelerate your abilities and gifts.

New doors will open for manifestation and joy will fill the heart with momentum for all.


August will be one of the most powerful months this year for energy.

This is not to be feared or to move forward with caution, for you are designed to openly feel this energy and allow your body to adjust accordingly.


This is an exciting and happy time for all that reside on Mother Earth.


Be aware of your thoughts and focus on what you want, what will make you happy and what a better world looks like for you.

Take the time to rest and take care of your body and Soul when it is needed.

Enjoy the season of nature you are in and fill your heart with gratitude for where you are and what lays ahead.


We surround you with our Love.

The Divine Light Collective.

July 27 2020


Dearest ones, greetings!


At this moment, take the time to rest and take care of the Soul.

It has been a challenging few months for many and emotionally it is beginning to take a toll on the heart and Soul.

This is the final push before there’s a breaking free into a new energy.

We recommend to rest and keep your vibration high with laughter, dance and song.

For some of you, you may feel a wave of being monotone, being in between happy and sad.

Rest is needed, for it is the Lightworkers Light that is transmuting this energy right now as the dark continues to subdue humanity and those that have awakened.

Take care of each other and rest when you can.

Breathe in through your nose while visualizing your breath moving into your heart, breathe out through your nose visualizing your loving heart energy surrounding your Being.


We surround you all with our Love. Until next week.

We are the Divine Light Collective.

July 20, 2o2o

Dearest ones,


As each one of you begins or continues to work on oneself, there is an awareness of your own Light that surrounds you and the maintenance to sustain your vibration and frequency.

For each one of you this may be different.

Some may, walk a few times a week in nature, have daily salted baths, sing and dance throughout your week, or all of the above.


Once this awareness is reached to keep your vibration high, a new level of frequency will occur with your Light and an opening will occur at your heart centre.

These levels of frequency will continue, step by step over the coming weeks.


As we have said before, become highly aware of your thoughts and what you are saying.

If you take a droplet of water under a microscope and say “Love” the formation will create a beautiful crystal. If you take that same droplet of water and say “hate” the formation will become distorted.

Your physical vessels are mostly made of water, each positive thought and positive word that  you say make a significant difference in your cells, radiating out into your Being.

We recommend to take this knowledge with you in the coming days, weeks and months.


Until we meet again next week, we surround you all with our Love.

The Divine Light Collective

July 13 2020

Dearest ones, greetings!

At this juncture in time there will be a building of energies until the 8:8 Gateway.

There will be more surges of Light that will come through each and every one of you AND you will notice an increase in synchronistic events in your life as well.


An exciting time indeed to be on Planet Earth.


There will be a falling away of friends and some family members as your Light awareness increases.

We say this to bring in awareness of your emotions as this takes place.


For not to step back and be in despair or grief but to sit with your emotions, feel the emotions and let them move off of the body.

Blessing your friends and family that will at this time be let go of.

Know once again, you have the choice to remain in that friendship or family dynamic but with this dear one it will eat at your Soul with deep unhappiness as there is a holding back of sorts.

There will be new people that enter your life with similar frequencies and vibrations and many will feel a sense of renewal with these friendships and kinships.

Take the time this week to take a look at who you feel good with in your life and who you don’t feel well with. Address if these people need to be in your life at this time.

Yes, this is uncomfortable and can be unpleasant to face this reality but know Soul growth can be challenging and can bring you to your knees.

With these challenges there is also a rising of your Soul to New Horizon’s of growth and happiness. That you broke the chains of illusion and took the courage for your own well-being to then be of service to all humankind.

For when one Soul has growth, there is a ripple effect on all for change.


We are so proud of each and every one of you.

We surround you with our Love.


The Divine Light Collective 

July 6 2020

Dearest ones,

We come on the wings of love and surround you all at this time.

There are daily events that happen now, each day within each and every one of you.

Many will find their memories are not the same and it can be a challenge to remember at all.

These surges of Light that are currently moving into your planet and in all of humanity, are creating all to focus only on the “now” moment.

The more that you are able to go with the flow, less worry and concern will be around this.


You may also feel your body is changing.


Your belly may be increasing in size, you may feel there are days that you don’t recognize you hands, legs or the way your body is shaped.

Know that this is a time to let go of what your body look like and it is now moving into a time of how you feel.


Each body needs exercise, water and healthy food digested.


Without the gentle exercise, the body loses the capacity to release through movement and will feel sluggish, affecting their mind.

Without an adequate amount of water, the body begins to seize up and many detrimental effects can take place in the form of ailments in the body.

Without proper nutritious food, the body loses the capacity to function at its highest level for you.

What you put in your body has the biggest impact on your overall health right now.


We recommend to all, take the time to rest and move into the flow as much as you are able to at this time.


With deep love for all.


We are the Divine Light Collective

June 29 2020

Dearest ones,

This is a time of great upheaval on many fronts, internally and for humanity as a whole.

Internally, each Soul will feel the shifts and surges of Light that continue to penetrate Gaia and each Being.

You will see the increases in the Schumann Resonance and feel them clearing your path into the New Earth.

For humanity there is and will be a new level of awareness as the separation continues between dimensions.


This level of awareness is a global one.


An Awareness of how each human is being treated, how animals are being treated and how Mother Earth is being treated.

This level of awareness trickles down into your own Being.

An awareness rises in how you treat others, how you treat your body and how you treat your mind.

As each one of you rises in helping humanity and the planet, so too does your vibration and frequency.

Your energy field becomes very clear and an excitement will fill your Being.

This excitement is living each day to its infinite possibilities and experiences that await you.

Be patient dear ones as these surges of Light move through you. For some, you will continue to feel physical symptoms in the body and for others your path will become much clearer.

No matter where you are on your ascension path, be proud of how far you’ve come and the Being you are.

With love and gratitude for all.

The Divine Light Collective

June 22 2020

Dearest Ones,

This week ahead is a reset week.

One of solitude and integrating this past light filled weekend within oneself.

Take the time to be out in nature, connecting with Mother Earth herself.

This powerful amount of Light that has gone through each individual is the catalyst for new beginnings, new opportunities and new adventures within the Soul. 


A new dawn in upon you.


As you connect with nature, the mind will begin to let go of the little things that you once took notice to.

It it through nature and connecting your breath with Gaia that the reset in one’s Soul will begin.


Take the time to treat your body like the temple it its.

Nurture your body, love your body and give gratitude to your body.

For without this physical vessel that you are in, you would not be having this incredible experience on Mother Earth.


We send you our Love and are so very proud of how far each of you are moving along on your ascension path.

The Divine Light Collective

June 15 2020

Dearest Ones, Greetings!

This week that lays ahead of you is a continuation of Light downloads you have felt this past weekend.

With the combination of the Solar Eclipse and the Summer/Winter Solstice, all will feel these powerful Light codes entering the body.

For this is a time of quick, lightning pulses of Light to trigger the masses into awakening.

For those of you that are awakened, this is a time of strengthening your Light as you continue to rise in your gifts and anchor your Light into Gaia.

When you have your daily self-care routine in place this will ease your symptoms.

This daily self-care routine is:

• An increase of filtered water

• Grounding

• Thinking positive thoughts

• Eating high vibrational foods such as greens, vegetables and fruits

Write down your intentions for the New Earth and what positive changes you would like to see within yourself before the Solstice.

On the day of the Solstice say our loud, 3x’s, your intentions and watch the magic unfold until the same Solstice next year.

Take your next few days to ponder and sit-in contemplation of what your intentions will be, for this will manifest before your eyes into the coming year.

We surround you all with our Love.

Keep shining bright on your path of Light.

You are Lighting the way of peace and oneness for all.

The Divine Light Collective.

June 8 2020

Greetings dearest ones,

Let us all place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly right now. Close your eyes and take a breath in through the nose and a gentle breath out through the mouth and do this two more times.

Yes, we all needed a moment to take a breath during these intense times.

Breath will help you remain centered and brings you to the present moment.

Continue with these breaths much throughout your day as this will help you all.

We at this time recommend for all to focus on one’s own thoughts.

Every time you mention “fear, scared, worried” this brings your energy and frequency to a lower vibration.

Take the time to observe your thoughts every day.

Shift the fear and worry to love and positivity.

Each one of you is a magnificent Being of Light incarnated into your physical vessel.

You are expansive Light that reaches out beyond the limits of the mind and what you are taught within society.

Know that by keeping centered with your breath and bringing awareness to your thoughts, you are helping anchor the Light into Mother Earth and all Beings that inhabit here.

We ask you all to please focus on this at this time as you are all making a difference for the better.

Keep shining bright, we surround you all with our Love.

The Divine Light Collective.

June 1 2020

Dearest ones,

At this time of uncertainty, there’s a great upheaval of buried emotions.

This release of pent up energy through the many years is now coming to the forefront for all to see.

We are all One, One Race, One Love.

This is but a portion of what is to come, as the dismantling of much of the systems on Earth must be let go of.

We say this not to alarm you but to bring your awareness to the many positive changes that will take place.

For you are here to be the change, to witness the change and take part in the New World that is.

Send Light to the areas of the World that need it the most, this will only take but a few minutes in your day and will have a great effect on all that reside there.

Please know that all is well.

Each one of you makes a difference with your thoughts, the Light that you shine and in the way that you take care of yourself in order for you to increase your vibration.

We send you our Love, Light Warriors.

Keep shining bright.

The Divine Light Collective

May 25 2020

Dearest Ones,

This week will be a powerful one indeed.

Nurturing the body, resting, drinking water and being with nature will be essential.

Yes, there is a quickening, an onslaught of energies at this time.

This acceleration of Light is for the masses of Souls to awaken and for those that are awake, the Light activates what they are meant to do and anchor even more Light into Gaia.

This increase of energy will continue for most of the year. 

We recommend to move with the flow of how you feel in the moment, becoming very present in the now.

As the Light increases, we also recommend being in a state of gratitude, even when the symptoms are challenging.

Release the worry and fretting about the future and what you will be doing. 

Right now the Light is coming in and increasing humanities vibration, this is positive movement forward. 

Light changes thoughts, judgement and perceptions. 

Compassion, and a greater love for ALL  encompasses humanity. There is a much bigger picture at play. 

Nurture oneself, gratitude  and release worry.

For all is well, this is why you are here, to experience this monumental time and to share your gifts with all.

Until next week, we surround ALL with our Love.

The Divine Light Collective.

May 18 2020

Greetings to all,

We surround you with our love.


As doubt and uncertainty rise in one’s own abilities, there is also a feeling of not turning back.

Know in your heart, all is well.


This is an intense time energetically on Mother Earth for all.

Some Souls are waking up and others are going through the motions of releasing what no longer serves them, continuing to rise through ascension.

Trust the process, believe you are moving forward, continue to release the doubt and fear.


With each new day, there is a new found strength in your Being, a drive to continue and not give up.

As light continues to move through each Soul, holding a clear quartz crystal or selenite will help the energies flow through.


Bring daily positive affirmations into your self-care routine.

Be dedicated in this practice and Light will continue to anchor in your Being.


Hold steady on your path, keep your vibrations high, release the negativity & doubt and you WILL feel and notice the shift.


You are not alone.

Your Soul, Angels and Guides are forever with you.


Until next week, Blessings to all.

The Divine Light Collective.

May 11 2020

Greetings dearest ones,

At this time on your journey, dig down deep and continue with perseverance.

The Earth is separating between third dimension and fifth dimension. 

This has not been done before while in physical form.

We recommend to focus again and again on keeping your vibration high, staying in the present moment and bringing your awareness to Love.

Love your pet, Love to nature, Love to the sky, Love to the colours in the flowers, sunrises and sunsets.

By bringing your awareness to Love, this also affects you heart centre, clearing your heart chakra and filling your heart chakra with Love and Light.

There are emotions and deep clearing that will continue with each one of you. 

This week while the separation between the dimensions is occurring, know this is positive as more Light is coming in, paving the way for the New World.

Be gentle and kind with yourself, sit with the emotions as they move and roll through you.

When you have moments of stillness in your day and feel love and joy in your heart, imagine your New World. Create in your heart what that would look like to you. 

Imagine this, draw, paint, sing your creation forward.

We surround you all with deep respect and honour for paving the way to the New.

Love to all, the Divine Light Collective.


May 4 2020

Greetings to all,

We surround you all with Golden healing Light at this time.

 This Golden Light moves into the core of your Being and surrounds you completely as you move through your ascension.

We congratulate you all for the work you continue to do on oneself and the kindness you continue to spread out into your communities.

The tipping of the scales is now moving more into the Light, into balance for all.

As you continue to move through the seasons this week, Spring in  the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere, so too shall transformational changes continue as insights and synchronicity’s occur.

With each layer that you release, more Light is brought in, making you shine even brighter.

 Move with what feels right to you and how easily the energy flows.

If you’re feeling blocked, it’s time to change direction. Be in stillness, take your time, trust and a new doorway will open. 

Continue to take the time each day to take care of oneself with gratitude for your physical vessel and gratitude for this momentous time.

We send Love to all, joy to your Being and smiles of kindness to your hearts.

The Divine Light Collective.

April 27 2020

Greetings dearest ones,

We ask at this time to go within and do the work even though it may be uncomfortable and you may not want to do so.

There is an urgency now, one must begin to work on themselves, to move forward to the fifth dimension, the New Earth.

Those that do not go within will be left in the third dimension. This is a choice each one of you has now.

Now is the time to look at one self’s emotions, who you are, find who you are and work through the traumas.

Yes, this my be overwhelming and daunting but know the reward of breaking through the bonds of the old, that has held you back for so long, will free you into the new.

Please absorb these messages that we recommend.

There will be a point of no return to work on oneself in the near future on this planet. There’s no fear or negative attached to this, it is what will be.

The ones that are doing the work, going within, helping others as you expand and grow in vibration and frequency, well done!

Keep on keeping on.

For those of you that don’t trust to be alone with one’s own thoughts, are scared or fearful to look within, we support you and will help guide you on your journey. 

It is time to let go, for we will be with you every step of the way.

We surround All at this time with love and hope for your new world, your New Earth.


The Divine Light Collective.

April 20 2020

Greetings to all,

As the energies continue to increase on your planet, so too, will the changes continue in your Being. 

There will be an increase of symptoms, ascension symptoms, as these high frequencies move into the body.

We recommend at this time, that taking care of the body come to the forefront, to help all assimilate these vibrations.

There are Legions of Angels that surround your planet with light and all will feel the light increasing as it shines into the dark.

There is much that is being exposed at this time. Know that being in awareness is beneficial as long as you are able to maintain a positive light frequency with no fear.

Bring into motion the daily self care that is needed for the mind and body this week.

We are in the Great Awakening and much is to be celebrated as you continue to expand and grow.

Take care of you in the days to follow.

Blessings of Love and Light.

April 13 2020

Greetings to all,

We send you our Love.

We surround you with our Love.

You are Love.

Take a moment to close you eyes. Place your hands on your heart and feel our Love, feel the warmth in your chest and now feel the Love that you are.

In this weeks message, that is what we would like to address, the incredible, loving beings that you are. Your generosity, deep caring and Love for others, that you wholeheartedly give with your whole being. 

Continue with this unconditional Love. As you move forward, your past hurts will heal.

There are large amounts of energy that is being infiltrated into the Earth now and all will feel the Love this week, the higher vibrations. 

Continue to give your Love in all that you do.

Your vibrations and frequencies are changing and the Love that you feel for yourself and others will magnify your Light.

You are all loving beings, this is the core of who you are. 

We thank you all for your service and surround you with blessings of Love.

April 6 2020

Greetings dearest ones,

As humanity continues to release unwanted emotions and blockages, the shift in one self also continues.

There are changes in the physical body that will occur and are happening now.

As you release what no longer serves you, more light moves into the body.

The body then changes, transforms, becoming less dense.

In this process you may go through head pain, body aches, feel feverish, ringing in the ears and have ups and downs with happiness and joy.

The body is moving from 3D to 5D.

There will be a time where you will maintain a constant flow of well-being, this is the goal.

In the meantime drinking clean, purified water, eating greens, receiving sunlight on the skin and light exercise will help exponentially to all through this time.

This is not easy and yet you heard the call from Mother Earth, from Source to help.

Those that read this channeling are Lightworkers.

Some of you Anchor your Light into the Earth, others are Beacons of Light and there are also Teachers and Healers among you to help Humanity and Mother Earth ascend.

Yes, this in not an easy time but one of great celebration. For this is why you came here and you are doing it.

Well done dear ones!

 Out hearts swell with so much love and gratitude as you continue to shift, transform and emerge into the Light Beings that you are.

Humanity, Mother Earth and All That Is, thanks you.

Until next week, we surround you with our deep love for all.

March 30 2020

Dearest ones,

As this current virus continues to spread, emotions will begin to rise as staying in one’s home continues.

For those of you that will now work form home, finding strategies to be with family and loved ones under one roof.

Becoming aware of one’s own temper and finding ways to release through exercise, breathing exercises and communicating with each other. 

This virus will continue in the weeks ahead.

Each and every day is a gift to work on oneself.

Go through the layers.

Who have you not forgiven? Make a list, throughout the week see how you feel each day by looking at the name.

It may be days, weeks, months until you can say the persons name and fully forgive them and release them.

There is no right or wrong was but know this is an important step for growth and expansion of one’s own soul.

This is the time to do the work within, be gentle and kind with yourself and embrace the help that is all around you from your Teams of Angels and Guides.

Stay strong, love one another, love oneself.

Until next week, love to all.


March 23 2020

Dearest ones, greetings,


It is a time of uncertainty and not knowing.

We ask at this time to limit what you see in the media and news.

If it’s available to you, to go outside or sit in your home and look at nature.

Looking at nature, the trees, the sky will help clear the many thoughts that race through one’s own mind right now. 

This will bring you into the present moment.

When you are looking at nature, set an intention for yourself.

What do you want to bring to yourself: calm, joy, relaxation, stillness? 

These are but  a few feelings that we recommend bringing int one’s life right now.

Once you have set your intention, breathe and sit in stillness for a few moments. Ask your Angels and Guides to bring your intention forth.

Every day think of your intention while looking at nature and sitting in stillness.

This will help you immensely with releasing anxiety and tension in the body, calming the mind and focusing on one’s own spirit.


There will be light at the end of this uncertain time in history. 

 This time is also a gift to each and every one of you, to look within, release what no longer serves you and be in a state of gratitude.

Blessings to all.

We surround you with our love.

March 16 2020    

Greetings to all,

Let us begin with a deep breath and another.

Know in your heart that you are safe, well and protected.

The world around you is changing, this is for the better even though it may not feel like it at the moment. 

Mother Earth is no longer able to continue with how humanity is treating her. 

This virus has slowed everything down to a halt and brought everyone to their knees. And in doing so love and kindness is leading the way. 

There will be many stories coming forward on helping one another in the coming days.

Humanity is uniting in a powerful way, the only way, with love.

Know deep down in your soul that you do not leave your body when it is time with money and things, you leave with memories, experiences and how you treat others and yourself. 

The world is not going to end, rather a re-awakening is happening to change the ways of humanity and start anew.

We embrace each and every one of you with our love.

Until next week, enjoy the sun, enjoy spring arriving, enjoy each other.

March 9 2020

Welcome all, Blessings.

We would like to bring your awareness to the light that each of you hold in your heart.

Love comes in many forms, the love for your family, friends, pets, places and things.

The love in your heart, radiates out into every cell of your being, through your energy bodies and out into the cosmos.

Focus each morning, each night and moments in between when feeling uncertain or confused, on your heart.

Place both hands over your heart, take a deep breath in and begin to feel the warmth and heat radiate out of your hands into your heart centre, focus on sending love to your heart.

This simple exercise a few minutes each day has huge effects on your well-being, the energy in and around you and on the planet at this time.

We leave you with this, each and every one of you is special, full of love and has so much to offer.

Love one another, love oneself, love your planet, LOVE is the answer to everything. 

Until next week, love to all.

March 2 2020


We the Divine Light Collective would like to address the rising of fear and worry surrounding the planet at this time regarding the coronavirus.

Fear, worry and negativity are feeding the virus at this time.

Love, light and hope will transmute the negative emotions.

We are asking humanity at this time to move forward with due diligence with one’s own thoughts.

When you hear of a community or place this has been affected by the coronavirus, surround the area and all the people with love. LOVE is the game changer.

Imagine Golden Light surrounding each person. LIGHT is the energy that will transmute the fear.

Every morning when you awaken, surround your body, your being, your soul with Golden Light.

Bring awareness to every thought you have and yes, that can be a challenge as there are hundreds of thoughts that go through one’s own mind. Your awareness brings your attention and clarity on what you’re focusing on and how you want to direct your energy moving forward.

Until next week Dear Ones, Love and Light to all.

Feb 24 2020

Greetings Dear Ones,

The energy at this time continues to be heavy, much progress is being made diving deep into past and current emotions.

Know this will shift soon.

You are all doing well so well navigating through these choppy waters.

We the Divine Light Collective and Angelic Realms are here to assist you when you ask for help.

Take a moment of stillness, ask for assistance and feel our embrace around you. Feel Divine Light shine within.

Continue to exercise, eat clean foods, drink purified water and know, YOU ARE shifting into a better space of joy and light.

Until next week, we thank you and send love and light to all.

Feb 17 2020

Dear ones,

There is much light surrounding and inundating the planet at this time.

Stand strong in your light dear ones, you are surrounded by love and you are not alone.

Humanity is shifting, shifting into the light.

There is much to celebrate at this time. The news and other events will tell you otherwise.

Know in your hearts, change, positive change is happening.

We, the Collective of the Divine, surround you with love and light.

Until next week, we love you all.