Multidimensional Healing

Multidimensional Healing


Multidimensional Healing is a powerful tool to wellness.

It is the process of tapping into the universal energy field and channeling Source energy into the body, mind and Soul.

Sarah tunes into your energy and uses Light Language, Sound Healing, Breath and Light activations to release blockages, restore energy into the body and activates dormant memories and gifts from your past lives into this now moment.

Divine wisdom and knowledge is channeled from your Team of Light and Multidimensional Self, providing you with the bigger picture of the Soul. Giving you great insight into who you are and why you’re here.

It is an amazing experience with feelings of lightness and well-being, awakening your own ability for healing, growth and transformation.

Every session is enlightening and unique to you, providing you with the information and tools that are needed at the time.

The goal is to clear and renew your energy so you can move forward into the world shining your Light with your innate gifts.



What to expect during and after your treatment:

• Each session is remotely audio recorded, with no Zoom or phone call.

• On the day of your session Sarah recommends going about your daily activities.

• When you receive your emailed audio recording, Sarah recommends listening to your session on the same day if possible, in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.

• Sarah books her clients in the mornings, Pacific time and does not offer the exact time of the clients sessions any more as some of the appointments go over the scheduled time. 

• When you listen to the recording, you will be experiencing it as if it is live. Clients may experience warm or cooling sensations, vibrations throughout the body and emotional clearing. 

• After the session is complete, it is recommended to take it easy and take the time to write down and process the information that came through. Writing down the information, can help you with your integration and provide clarity when you look back at the guidance. Sarah also recommends taking an Epsom Salt bath or soaking your feet in Epsom Salts after listening to your recording. 

• Clients can feel more aware and connected to their path and purpose after their treatment. Many feel lighter energetically, experience emotional peace, mental clarity and can experience profound healing. 

 All recorded files are deleted after a week of the clients session. Listening to the recording only once is all that is needed for the full affect of the session. Sarah recommends using your own intuition to see if you feel the need to listen to the recording again. 


Remote Multidimensional Healing Session – Audio Recorded


This healing and channeling session is being open to what your Multidimensional Self and Team of Light wants you to know and experience in this Now moment.

Healing Energy is moved into the Soul, blockages are released and Divine wisdom is channeled, providing insight to help you on your ascension journey.

Each session is approximately thirty to forty minutes in length.



Payment via credit card must be completed when booking your session.

Once payment is made, send an email to including only:

• your name

• a recent photo of yourself

• the email you’d like your audio recording sent to 


Sarah will email you within 48 hours confirming your payment & email, letting you know what day you will receive your audio recording.






  • Multidimensional Session – $222 CAD (roughly converts to approx. $180 US dollars or £130 GBP).*
  • Healing Package: 2 Sessions – $400 CAD. One Session once a week,  for 2 weeks in a row (roughly converts to approx. $325 US dollars or £235 GBP).*

* Exchange rates change day to day. PayPal sets the rate & will convert your currency to Canadian dollars.

All audio recordings are deleted after 7 days.

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