Sarah has an innate and extremely powerful natural ability to (re) connect you with your true inner Light and Soul essence.

Her multi dimensional healing energy is ancient, strong, wise and very gentle, sparking your Soul, igniting your true Soul path, assisting you to realize the depths of your gifts and journey, weaving the past and present influences at play to enable you to heal and move past energetic imbalances and blocks.

The gifts Sarah brings are all incredibly powerful, but one has been an increased depth and connection to my spiritual team in such a gentle and loving way. A true gift.

Working with Sarah has been on a very profound Soul level, the healings have brought shifts and recalibration within my energy field with the release of deeply held trauma.

The healing sessions are from a place of pure Divine Love. 

Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts and kindness with me. Truly feel honoured to have connected with your beautiful energy and had these healings from you. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx”

Vivienne, UK

“Having a session with Sarah is like a warm, gentle hug for your soul. Sarah brings such a clean, divine energy into her sessions and is truly an open vessel for your own guides, angels, archangels, and highest wisdom messages and clearings to come through. I have worked with Sarah over many years now and I highly recommend having a session with her. It is amazing what comes through with each session, with each one being so different from the others…yet always exactly what was needed! Sarah has been such a blessing in my life and helped me so much on my life path’s journey…she is truly a blessing to everyone on this planet!”

Kelley S, USA

“Only having a few energy sessions with different people prior to Sarah, it was clear from the beginning that she worked differently. I like her style of recording the sessions so that I am able to experience them from the comfort of my own home and at the time of my convenience plus I enjoy being able to listen to it again because there’s always so much that takes place. They are quite powerful and Sarah has brought me much clarity around a few crucial areas that I wasn’t sure about. I highly recommend a session with Sarah. She has helped me feel not only physically better, but emotionally more grounded and clear as well. Thank you Sarah!”

Andrew S, USA


Wow!!  I have been doing energy work and receiving energy healings for 35 years and I have NEVER experienced anything so amazing and powerful!  That was wonderful and I look forward to seeing how things shift in the future.  I was having visions and hearing messages throughout the session, even going to other planets.  Not as clearly as your wonderful information but it is downloaded in my being for later. 

I know this has truly changed me.

Big hugs”

M.M, Arizona, USA

” The healing session was done so beautifully. 
The tools that Sarah used were brilliantly soothing. 
My experience was powerful, in fact, I didn’t quite expect it to be that powerful.
It definitely created a sense of moving back into alignment and feeling of Lightness after releasing what no longer served me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
I’m so happy and grateful that I was led to finding you!!!”

“I am a regular client of Sarah’s and as I lay down to receive this healing, the energy around it felt focused and gentle. As Sarah began the session I felt my Team guiding her to the most relevant and important area to be cleared. That was done swiftly with kindness and instructions were given for the following week.

I am feeling more accepting and hopeful for what this year will bring. As always I am deeply grateful to Sarah and her Team for working with me.”

Jen W, Australia 

Dear Sarah,
Thank you so much for your kind words and amazing healing session. I am already feeling better and trust that my overall health will continue to improve.
I’m so grateful to have connected with you and to have experienced this major release & healing. I am also feeling blessed to have the connection with my Dad.
Much love and many blessings to you – for all you are and all you do to make the world a better place.  I am truly inspired. 
Love and blessings.”
Susan, Vancouver Island, Canada


I want you to know that the session we had last week has made a huge difference in my life. I feel both spiritually connected in a deeper way, and also very grounded. In fact, I feel very strong and secure and positive, in the midst of most other people’s fears right now. The whole world feels like it’s going through a difficult reset, and I am too – but it’s that my strength is re-emerging!

So I wanted to share this with you- what a gift our session was!!

With gratitude and love.”

Vicki, Minnesota, USA

“Thank you again so much; I feel lighter and brighter and a lot of my physical pain is gone already. I will do the things you advised. 
Beyond your “hands” of healing,
your mind and soul accelerate healing as well.
Your soothing, light-centered words have kickstarted my spring renewal more than any grief counsellor could.
Janet, Vancouver Island, Canada

“Thank you Sarah,  that experience was incredible. I’m so grateful you could facilitate this healing session for me. 

I’ve long yearned for all of it, the release, rebirth, and transformation. 

I will follow the advice of the light team which you so lovingly communicated. 

Can’t thank you enough.”

S.S, Santa Barbara, USA

“I deeply thank Sarah Smith for the Distance Healing she gave me. Sarah works with her Guides and her clients’ Guides in a very gifted and shamanic type of way. She sees and feels with great clarity and empathy and relays what she sees and feels to her client. I highly recommend her to everyone!  

The healing and clearing energy is very powerful! She records the absent healing session and sends the recording shortly after the session. I am listening to it often and I am gaining a lot of insight into certain events in my life during the cleansing and healing as it happens. The bottom line for me is that no matter what occurred and with whom in the past, I feel only the deepest love and compassion for those people, and myself, in this moment of now. I feel so much love…we all did the best we could with the consciousness we had at the time.

During the session, she also confirmed to me that the Divine works through me as a feeling of ‘icy cold’. She mentioned feeling ‘icy cold’ many times. She also told me the Guides said this healing is a very sacred and a very powerful transformation for me.”

Marlene, BC, Canada

“I just wanted to thank you SO much for my session!

The message from my mom was SUCH a gift. It freed me. It’s what I needed, to move on.

The other messages that came through gave me a sense of ease and peace.

You are truly a gift on this planet. There is a lot going on and you are assisting us earthlings.

Thank you.”

Anna, Gibsons, Canada